Cherry Lake Restaurant
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Many global brands in Ukraine are turning to neo-design for promotional material.

Fashionable and spectacular signage. When ordering such a sign, each letter of its name is made and mounted separately as an independent part of the composition. Volumetric letters strongly resemble the effect of 3D rendering. And can be both light with the use of backlight (contour), and not light, made of opaque materi

MEGA Plumbing Mall

Shopping malls are very popular with customers and they need to attract attention, so they turn to non-design because they know that we are a professional team that works for the success of your business and does the highest level in the shortest time and with very high quality materials .

Beer and Blues Art Pub

Beer and Blues Art Pub

Non-light letters, depending on the place of application, are made of different materials: most often, it is metal, plastic, plexiglass, but indoors you can also find structures made of wood or foam. In their manufacture is used mainly cutting and milling of the material, followed by coloring in the desired color.

As we have already said, outdoor advertising is usually used with light lettering. The production of light volumetric letters is more complex than the manufacture of lightboxes, as in the latter case it is necessary to create not one, but at once many designs that make up a single composition. In essence, the three-dimensional letters with internal illumination are structurally very similar to lightboxes and similar in stages of manufacture.

The letters present the same solid frame, inside which are lamps or LEDs, and the front of the product thus transmits light. For the side walls of the letters use metal, acrylic or plastic, for the outside - vinyl cloth, acrylic glass, composite material or cellular polycarbonate. Backlit letters are similar in design to non-light ones: their outer side is made of opaque material, often aluminum or steel. Glow is achieved by lamps or LEDs on the substrate along the contour of the letters. It is interesting that volume letters have recently become a fashionable accessory to the interior of apartments - luminous and non-light signs now decorate the walls in conceptual lofts and in ordinary apartments.

Suzuki Center

Automobile concerns choose Neodesign as a leader in the advertising field.